We haven’t forgotten our roots - Reno’s Appliance started as Reno’s TV way back in 1951. A lot has changed in the world of televisions since then, but we know one thing has remained constant: Our customers still want the best viewing experience at the best price and they know Reno’s Appliance is the place to get it.

We’re experts in Plasma, LCD, Hi-Def, Rear Projection and home theater and we will be happy to share our knowledge with you. The ideal television for your home and your family is our first concern and we can help you decide what is the best unit for you. If you’ve done your own research and know exactly what you want, we’re here to get it for you as quickly and economically as possible.

Looking to upgrade your viewing experience? Reno’s Appliance has teamed up with Home Systems, the area’s premier home theater designers to provide our customers with the very best in home theater. Soundproofed walls, surround sound, theater seating and of course a large projection screen can turn your humble TV room into a silver screen sanctuary the entire family can enjoy! Come see our live home theater display at Reno’s Appliance in Fairfield, NJ Reno’s Appliance features many brands including: Sony, Nexus, Panasonic, Samsung and more.